Edinburgh Trip!

I and my boyfriend went on the 12th of August 2021 until the 18th to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. This travel experience was not like any other due to being the first time ever going somewhere without my family which was very exciting and a bit nerve-racking. Overall, we had an amazing time on our holiday, and we will be coming back to Scotland in the future. Furthermore, I hope this post gives you inspiration and just an overview on how the city is like.

11th August-

On the first night of our journey, we arrived at Hilton Hotel at around 10pm. My boyfriend and I decided to spend the night at Gatwick due to having a super early flight. We stayed at Hilton which was a lovely surprise from my boyfriend, and I can say it was the best hotel experience I’ve had so far. The hotel was so luxurious from the inside and our room was massive! The room was spotless and had a comfy double queen bed, a beautiful on-suite bathroom, a tv, office space, kettle, mugs, cups, safe box, a fridge and a full ironing kit. Additionally, the reception staff were lovely and helpful; so I would definitely recommend staying at Hilton Hotel at Gatwick.

Hilton Hotel
12th August-
Dean Village, Edinburgh

Our flight was at 8am with EasyJet to arrive in Edinburgh for around 10 am. Once we had landed at our destination, we took a tram which is located just outside the airport. (There are ticket machines to get your tram ticket before boarding). We then headed to Princess Street and then walked for about ten minutes to our hotel, Yotel Edinburgh. Due to the check ins being at 3pm we decided to leave our bags in the storage room and go for a McDonald’s. I can honestly say the quality of the burgers was so much better than the McDonald’s I usually go to. After that we took a walk around the city to familiarise ourselves and explore what was around. At 7pm we went to Dean Village for some photography content, it’s a little village not far from our accommodation but the scenery is so beautiful with a river going through a little bridge and houses that looked like something from a fairy tale book. On our way back we took some cool shots of the city and got ourselves some KFC due to most restaurants being fully booked. A tip I’d give is that if you want to eat out go at a less busy time so maybe a couple of hours before dinner time or book up!

13th August-
St Kessog’s Church, Callander

This day was my favourite because we booked a coach trip to Loch Ness which I have been wanting to go to for a long time. The way I found this trip was by Get Your Guide- highly recommend this app as it gives a range of tours, day trips and events that are happening at your destination. Our coach, Grayline Scotland, picked us up outside our hotel at 8am and made the first pit stop at Callander which was a nice little village full of cafes, a beautiful church and amazing views of the nearby mountains. During our short while at the destination we grabbed some food to go before heading off to the next pit stop to Loch Achtriochtan. I was so glad that the trip included these stops because the trip to Loch Ness is so long and the roads are very windy so it was nice to get some fresh air. The next stop was at a war memorial just passed Spean Bridge. Lastly, we reached Loch Ness to see the amazing lake, have a bit of lunch at the local café and do a bit of exploring. The café we ate at made the best sandwiches, we even bought another sandwich pack for the road back to the hotel as they were so good. The name of the café is called the Caledonian Canal Centrebut, located just opposite the boat gateway on the side nearest to the car park. Before we returned to Princess Street we had a last stop at Pitlochry, this town we didn’t spend a lot of time in but its famous for their whiskey ice cream provided by Scotch Corner. For dinner my boyfriend and I went to Ask Italian; the staff were attentive and the food was delicious.

Loch Ness Lake
14th August-
Circus Lane, Edinburgh

In the morning we went to Circus Lane for a photography shoot then after a little exploring we walked to Castlehill which is the busiest place in Edinburgh as most attractions like Edinburgh Castle take place there along with many shops and restaurants. Later, we discovered Calton Hill, it took a while to walk up the steps but for the views it was worth it. From up there you could see the whole city and on the hill there are three different monuments that are available to be visited by the public. Also, there is a café up there so I would recommend to pre book.

Part of Castlehill
15th August-
Edinburgh Castle

As soon as we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel we made our way to Edinburgh Castle. We had already pre booked online so there wasn’t as much of a wait when we had arrived. I won’t spoil the experience but just to provide you an insight you get to see the whole city from within the castle, get to look at canons and where they would shoot from in the past, war uniforms from WW2 and even from before, the old prisons and the crown jewels. (I did not take any photos of the crown jewels as we were told by the staff who work at the castle to switch our phones and cameras off). There is a lot to discover and learn here so if you go to Edinburgh it’s a must see! After this we decided to have lunch at a restaurant which we found in the Scottish Whiskey Experience.  The first thing you see when you enter which is the whiskey and scotch tasting experience which we did not explore as we don’t drink these types of drinks; but there are some stairs that take you down to the Amber Restaurant. The food was amazing, the vibe of the restaurant was so homely as well with all the wooden furniture and amber décor. If you are into whiskey and wanting some delicious food, I highly recommend this place. To walk the food off we walked about the Castle Hill buying a few souvenirs for us and our families and ended up visiting St Giles Cathedral. Furthermore, we visited National Galleries of Scotland which is back down the hill towards Princess Street; in there they present different portraits that are interesting to look at ranging from religious portraits to Victorian life sceneries. Now for the ice cream lovers head to Pirlous it is located in the Greater Grassmarket and they serve the best raspberry ripple!

16th August-

On this day we didn’t do too much however we did go to Camera Obscura. Just a pre warning if you are sensitive to lights or you just don’t like trippy things then this place is not for you. The attraction is based on tricking the mind with the use of bright colourful lights and sometimes loud noises. For me it was a fun and amazing experience and would certainly go again. I would go into detail but again I do not want to spoil anyone’s experience, but these pictures can give you an idea on what you may find during your time at the attraction. Also please pre book, Camera Obscura is a very popular attraction and can be a long wait so it really helps the staff if you have a timeslot booked as they can let you in straight away.

Me trying not to fall over
17th August-
Amethyst Stone

Being one of the last few days of our trip we just did more exploring, went to try different food places and visited the National Museum of Scotland. The museum’s architecture is not only beautiful but they have a lot of things on show from the evolution of humans, technology, animals, culture and fashion. The building is like a maze as it has four floors including the underground floor. I would recommend this to anyone who loves history as well as just general facts.

18th August-

Finally on our official last day we had a super early flight so we took a bus back to the airport to fly home again with EasyJet.

Overall, this experience was fun and would definitely be going back at some point. I do apologise that this was a year late, but I will try and write more but I will give an update soon on my journey towards being cabin crew very soon… I hope this post was helpful for anyone looking for a city break in Edinburgh or inspired anyone to visit the city.

Lydia Jane x

Cost Summary-

Flight £139.94 flight each

Tram single fare adult ticket £6.50

Hilton Hotel-  around £100 ( boyfriends treat and won’t tell me the real price 🙄)

Yotel hotel- £340 each

Lockness tour £100

Edinburgh Castle- £18 online adult ticket, £21 adult gate price

National Galleries of Scotland- Free entry

Camera Obscura- adult ticket £19.95

National Museum Scotland- Free entry

Bus to airport- bus airlink no. 100. Price for one way £4.50

1st Post 🎉

Hello, Hola

This post has taken me ages to get up and write, I wasn’t sure how to start my first post so I thought to just introduce myself a little bit. I’ve done blogging before in the past but I stopped doing it as I lost inspiration and didn’t have the time to write as much as I do now. Anyways back to the post…. my name is Lydia and I’m a half British/Spanish student in the last year of college studying Travel and Tourism. I love studying travel and tourism because it gives me an insight to future careers and I learn about the history of the industry. On my blog I will be writing about my journey to my future dream career as well as my photography and travel recommendations.

Photography for me has always been an escape and gives me a chance to do something creative. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at photography but I’m always trying to find new angles or new ways to get better, thanks to YouTube. Recently I’ve got into editing which I’m still trying to figure out but I’m getting there gradually 😂

My one goal in life is to travel to as many places as possible. I love seeing different sceneries and learning about the culture of each country. Sadly I’ve not had the chance to travel to many as many places mainly due to COVID but I have been travelling around seeing places around the UK, when we are not in lockdown, more than I ever have. As soon as it’s safe to travel I’m going to make sure I visit most places in the UK as well as abroad. Moreover I will be writing about my travel adventures to give insights to fellow travellers.

Thank you for reading and I hope you follow my journey on this platform.

Lydia Jane x

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